This week end will be busy at OSR !

Reminder: Guo Juan lecture tomorrow at 17:30 gmt

Guo Juan (5 dan pro) first monthly "One glass of wine" lecture will take place tomorrow the 01st of April at 17:30 gmt in OSR room. Meet you there ! 

Goro Matsuo tsumego session Sunday at 13:00 GMT

Goro Matsuo will be doing a tsumego session this Sunday the 2nd of April at 13:00 GMT.

Practising tsumegos is the best way to get your reading skills sharper. Let's come in horde.

Website update

Today we finished a major website update.

Major change was creating our league tools to manage our events, division, players. Now that this urgent thing is set up, we will be working on some other stuff such as: Host a tournament, have gobans in forums, have a proper event system to manage our lectures...

Along some minor fix, the main new feature you can enjoy is our scrap list. There you can see who will be checked first by our automatic game finder along with the approximated time before that check.

If you just played a game and want to be checked sooner, you can easily push a "Put me up" button.

Allow me to remind you that all our work and code is public in this github. If some readers know some python, we welcome any help !

New league Soon

March league will end tonight. Tomorrow morning we will create the new league for April.

We decided to put 20 players in the A group which will be called Ponuki. Other players will play in B group named Empty triangle.

Prizes will include Teaching game with Goro Matsuo and Péter Markó, game commentary by Justin Teng and audio go lectures at Guo Juan website.

Thanks all for playing and studying in the Open Study Room !