After welcoming BoneSaw to the team last month everyone disappeared into summer holidays while I am still sitting here, mumbling "wörk wörk" into my Radler and writing an other blog post. You may have noticed that the first half of the year is already over again and with the passing of June we (at least around here in central Europe) survived the first heat-wave of the year with temperatures of up to 40°C. Weather like this calls for afternoons in the park or the pool which shows in the activity charts of our leagues.

Monthly Problem

As introduced last month we have an other problem from one of our league games. Once more it is from the FECHGO-league which is running in parallel to our open monthly leagues. The players were alemitrani and kamelotusky.

If you are wondering how we find these problems: They are getting send to us by our members. So if you encounter an interesting problem in one of your league games feel free to share it with us, either via a forum post or sharing a link with a member of the OSR team on Discord.


Feel free to join us on discord and post your thoughts in the #tsumego-solutions channel! The answer will be posted in next month's update.

League Overview

League Players Games 1st 2nd 3rd
Main OSR league 44 38 GoDave89(11/11) alemitrani(4/5) AdamReal(2/7)
DDK league 15 5 hypurrtext(3/3) flovo(2/2) Kaladin90(0/3)
Dan league 8 1 GoDave89(1/1) AskorTokenias(0/1) -
9x9 league 3 2 alemitrani(2/2) hypurrtext(0/2) -

While June brought lots of heat the number of heated fights for the league titles were somewhat limited.

The monthly OSR league still showed around average activity and it was GoDave89 who once more showed strength and persistence despite the hot weather. With 11 wins out of 11 games he claimed the 1st place, followed by alemitrani, who was quite active across the different leagues in June.

June's DDK league was fairly quiet with only 5 games, 3 by the league-winner hypurrtext who won all of his 3 games. Runner up was flovo, who could win both his games.

Unfortunately the Dan league was even more deserted, with only one game which GoDave89 could win vs. AskorTokenias.

Our 9x9 league did see two games, having alemitrani playing with hypurrtext. So it is not dead yet!


Place Player Prize
Monthly league 1st place GoDave89 Teaching game with Norman Tsai (AGA 6d)
Monthly league 2nd place alemitrani €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School
DDK league 1st place hypurrtext Game review with Justin Teng (AGA 6d)
DDK league 2nd place flovo €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School

Congratulations to the winners, thank you everyone for participating and huge thank you to our teachers and sponsors! See you all next month!