Shawn's Go Group (SGG)


This is Mr. & Mrs. Clossius! We created this league to give you guys another fun place to play Go! Thanks to OSR we now have our own SGG league for our growing community.


Rules may vary per league. But generally even games only. OGS & KGS only (bot checking rules). Please be kind and friendly! Watch the time settings and type #SGG for the bot to be able to find the game. If you don't or forget, send it to an OSR admin.


Be sure to tune in on Saturdays at to watch us go over randomly selected games that are played in our league.


Prizes are TBD but probably private lessons or teaching games will be given. I will also be trying to get donations for prize money and talking to pros about teaching games or game reviews.


Don't forget to check out our site at Shawn's Go Group for video, lesson, and the famous "Clossi Approach to Go!"

Don't forget to type #SGG!!

Join our Discord here: DISCORD. Talk about and schedule games in the #sgg_league room.

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(SGG) May League 05/05/2018 05/30/2018 1 3 0

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