Hello guys, I would like to share my knwowledge about fuseki and currently asking myself if you have some interest in fuseki study. The intended audience is large, we will talk about common pattern until difficult reading problem, everyone from 20k to 1d should learn something.

I don't know when it will be, I'll probably create a new topic with multiple hours and days to let you decide the best time to do that. Because this is the first time i'm doing this, the format of the study session is uncertain, the first one will be a try, and will be about 1h and if everythings goes well, we will continue to study it through a lot of session. (I think, best would be 2h but I fear it might be hard to remain focus that long, right ? so i want to make it easy for all of us and have fun !).

So let me know which fuseki we should study ! And do not hesitate to tell me your opinion on discord !