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Stephen Hu - AGA 6d

Hi! My name is Stephen and I'm the TD of this event. I'm a moderator of OGS, 2nd most followed Go streamer on Twitch, community leader, and author of my upcoming book "AlphaGo Wonderland" (check out the FB link)! I currently study Computer Science as a student in the U.S., but my broader ambition is to make Go more popular around the world. Let's all work together to make that happen :)

KGS Username: xhu98 (?)

OGS Username: xhu98

date white black result
Apr 21, 2018 xhu98 Inazuma W+R
May 19, 2018 Pepe xhu98 B+10.5
May 27, 2018 Pepe xhu98 W+R
Mar 17, 2018 knight4st xhu98 B+R
Mar 19, 2018 Austin101 xhu98 B+R
Mar 20, 2018 xhu98 Pepe W+R
May 20, 2018 xhu98 Pepe B+R
May 07, 2018 xhu98 True W+R
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