The legend himself playing a game

Jean-François Gagnier, also known as BoneSaw is a 4d Canadian Go player. Already teaching programming, BoneSaw decided to start teaching Go as well and has never stopped since. Being fully bilingual, BoneSaw can teach both in English and in French (working on Spanish and German) to help enjoy the experience as much as possible.

BoneSaw started playing Go and was taught by the best teachers out there: Guo Juan, Dwyrin, Dsaun and currently studying under Yoonyoung Kim 4p. He took bits and pieces of all the teaching styles of those teachers and blended them into a very easy accessible, intuitive and beneficial approach for kyu players.

Rather than taking students, BoneSaw accepts pupils that he follows, shares his discoveries with and watches them whenever they're playing games to make sure he can give his pupils the best advice possible to help them improve quickly and effectively.

If you have any questions, you can reach him through email, don't be shy. He's friendly and doesn't bite.