Let's celebrate OSR reaching 1000 members!

I'm from the UK and I've been living in Chile since 2004. I've been playing Go since 2015. In real life I play at Club de Go Tengen in Santiago, Chile, as well as participating in the Open Study Room.

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I started playing Go March 2014. I joined OSR November 2017 and was the OSR Meijin 11 times consecutively between May 2018 and January 2021. I'm also an OSR Team member since March 2020.

I'm from Germany and currently an EGF 3Dan. I would like to reach at least 5Dan and I'm convinced I can achieve that. (But I'm also aware that a certain result is not guaranteed, you can only try to work on it and see how far it takes you ;) )

I treat Go as more than just a (very addicting ^^) fun game, but also …

My name is Francisco González. I'm from Chile. 31 winters.

Federación Chilena de Go www.igochile.cl

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<p>I'm going to be really good at playing Go.</p> <br> <br>