Let's celebrate OSR reaching 1000 members!

I'm from the UK and I've been living in Chile since 2004. I've been playing Go since 2015. In real life I play at Club de Go ICO in Santiago, Chile, as well as participating in the Open Study Room.

KGS rank graph for alemitrani

My name is Francisco González. I'm from Chile. 29 winters.

I played GO occasionally since 2008, though I'm trying to play more lastly since this year (2018). If you want a game, you just need to tell me :D

Also, we can talk about books :D



Nick on Servers: OGS: Kamelotusky (7k) KGS: kamelo (5k) IGS: kamelo (7k?) - It's gone... IGS people did something and it's no more ;__; FOX: kamelo (4k) Tygem: kamelo - not playing there... WBaduk: kamelo - Oh boy... weird players... 5k are stronger than 12k x.x

I'm going to be really good at playing Go.