Playing in our leagues will allow you to play long serious games with opponents of all strengths and with frequent review/study times. We believe that this is a very good way to improve your go skills.

The Open Study Room is currently running 4 different leagues:

OSR ladder

This league resets monthly and is the main OSR league.

Two players in this league may at most play 3 games against each other every month.

OSR Meijin

This league resets every three months.

Joining another league will automatically enroll you for Meijin league. This way Meijin league also gather all OSR games.

Two players in this league may at most play 5 games against each other every month.

OSR DDK league

The rules are the same as the OSR monthly ladder but only double digit kyu player will play in it.  

The idea is to allow such player to find a competitive place to play long serious games.

We remind you DDK league players will automatically participate in the OSR ladder and OSR meijin leagues!


Monthly league for dan-level players.  Maximum of 3 games between any 2 players.  Dan league players will automatically participate in the OSR ladder and OSR meijin leagues!

What league(s) should I join ?

It is recommended that you sign up for the league that is most appropriate for your strength at Go. You will be automatically added to the  OSR Meijin league if you sign up for either the OSR ladder, OSR DDK or OSR Dan league.

Since a game can count for multiple leagues at the same time players usually participate in several leagues.

How to find a game?

  • Live: 
  1. Use the Discord "game request" channel if you are available immediately
  2. Use the "I want to play" voice channel on Discord to indicate you are available immediately and talk to potential opponents
  3. You can always start a game named "OSR" in our KGS room and wait for an opponent. 
  4. You can also mention you are looking for a game in our KGS room 
  5. Use the Discord "game planning" channel if you will be available in the near future
  6. It often helps to PM your friends telling them you are looking for a league game. 

  • Schedule : You can also schedule your games with our game planning tool. It's a OSR exclusivity that allow you to say when you are available, see who is available when and manage games requests easily. It even deal with timezones for you ! More info about it here.

Global League rules

The following rules applied in all our leagues:

  • Games must be played on the KGS go server or on the Online Go Server.
  • One player needs to type #OSR in the game chat for that game to count
  • A game can count for both leagues, just type both tags in the game chat 
  • Games must be played with no handicap
  • Komi must be 6.5
  • Game must use Japanese time setting with at least 30 mins main time and 5x30 sec byo-yomi.
  • Game must be public.
  • The game can be ranked or free to the convenience of the players.
  • League games are a test of your inner resources.  Use of Go-related external resources during league games is forbidden.  Examples of Go-related external resources include other players, websites, publications, apps, programs, bots, game records, joseki dictionaries, notes, etc.  League games should have analysis disabled on OGS, and players are encouraged to  refrain from using the OGS score estimator.  In particular, using any bot (Leela, Leela Zero, Crazy Stone, etc.) during a league game is strictly forbidden. The OSR team might check some games from time to time to look for suspicious correlations between a player's moves and the moves favoured by these go engines.  We expect our members to voluntarily self-enforce the above restrictions as a matter of honour and honesty, and in the interest of fair play.  Please let the OSR team know if you have any questions or become aware of any violations.  

Players are strongly encouraged to review the game afterward. If both player have the same rank, or if your opponent can't help you reviewing your game, one should feel free to ask stronger players in our KGS room and/or in our Discord channel help for the review.

In some circumstances a potentially valid league game will not be picked up automatically by the system but an admin will be able to add it manually on request - please use the #admin-request channel on Discord for these requests.  This situation can occur if:

  • the game was not tagged #osr in the comments when it was played
  • one or both players were not in the league when the game was played, but joined while the league was still active.  
  • the komi was incompliant - in this case the game result will be interpreted with komi 6.5 when added to the league
  • byo-yomi was incompliant but neither player entered byo-yomi - this can only be proven in KGS games at present. 

If those rules are not clear to you, remember that OSR devoted team will always be happy to answer your questions.