"Go is not about winning through brilliant moves, it is about losing through bad moves."

- Sakata Eio


Let's get better together

Study Go

Ask stronger players to help review your games, study pro games or tsumego. We also organise lectures with strong teachers. The global idea is you get taught by the stronger while you teach the weaker.

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Play Go

Playing long serious games is very important to improve. Our league system encourages you to do so in a friendly yet competitive environment. On top of that we reward our winners with cool prizes every month.

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We are a friendly active online community of Go players from all around the world. OSR is run by volunteers, community driven and all free for everyone to come enjoy the beautiful game of Go.

Come chat with us in our Discord

Whether you are a beginner just learning the rules or a strong player, OSR can help your Go.

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We provide

OGS/KGS/Discord integration

See what opponents are online on those platform to find a game. Play your league games, write #OSR during the chat and that's it. Our website will collect it automatically.

Teaching for everyone

Do you prefer a simul game with a strong dan? A lecture on a topic of your choosing? A teaching game? Let us know! We set it up with our teachers, record it and upload to our youtube channel.


Win a teaching game with a professional player, a game review by a strong dan or 10€ gift certificate at Guo Juan's internet go school. All that just by playing go!

Plan your games

Plan your game in advance with your opponent using our game planner. It's easy to use and it adapts to timezones automatically.

OSR Events (UTC)

26, Sep

6 p.m.

Study Group 1

First OSR Study Group 1's meeting via discord!!! We will mutually review our games, study openings, work through contemporary pro games, and there is more to come!!! Currently we are looking for a 5th member in the OGS 1k to 1dan range, who wants to take part in serious study and is available Monday evenings at 8pm CEST!!! Let us now if this sparks your interest by contacting @fledermaus#7419 on our discord at https://discord.gg/Q4VWjB5S

26, Feb

6 p.m.

Simul w/ Cornel (7d EGF) II

We are happy to announce, for the second time: Simultaneous Go with Cornel Burzo. Click for more infos.

20, Mar

6 p.m.

Simul w/ Cornel 7d EGF

We are happy to announce: Simultaneous Go with Cornel Burzo. Click to register !

09, Jan

1:30 p.m.

Lecture by Jeff 6d

Good news: Jeff 6d is back for another lecture! The topic is: Middlegame See you there!

05, Dec

7 p.m.

Yoonyoung Kim vs GoDave89

Yoonyoung Kim, Korean 8 dan professional, will be playing a teaching game against OSR Meijin, GoDave89.

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Breakthrough to Shodan

The Breakthrough to Shodan Tournament has begun!!!

Check out our #breakthrough_to_shodan, #bts_games and #bts_announcment channles to keep track of it!!!

Here you can find the Tournament rules in deatil:


Any go player with a Discord and an OGS account ranking between 4k and 1d may play in the tournament, …

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September 2022 OSR leagues


Hey folks,

September is coming and with it the OSR leagues are back and rollin': all the monthly leagues (OSR league, DDK, SDK, and Dan league) are updated and open to join on the OSR website, right here!!

Atm we are working out the details on some league prizes, …

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