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Latest News

OSR finances and new patreon

Hi guys,

No cool teaching to announce but rather boring tables today. I have been planing to do that for months but it seems I always prefer organizing go teaching than dealing with money.

How we deal with money

As you might know, running OSR costs money. We prefer to be as transparent as possible on this matter.
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February monthly winners and prizes!

Greetings Go players!

Another month of learning and playing has passed us by, and so comes the time to reward those who topped the leagues for the month :D We had 111 games this month across both leagues! Let’s keep that number rising shall we? Please join me in congratulating our winners!

Monthly league prizes:

Winner of the main league: jthat has won a teaching game with True (KGS ...

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KGS archives are down. Upload your KGS games.

Hi guys,

The KGS archives pages are down (link).

EDIT: KGS archives are back. Hourray!

While kgs staff are well aware of this issue and working to fix that, I am sorry to say that our automatic game finder get his games from kgs archives pages.

That means untill they fix it, we have to upload your KGS games manually.

If you played a league game on KGS, but it ...

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