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An Exercise in Go, Vol. 1

What better way to start the weekend than enjoying an epic and unusual tsumego collection?  An Exercise in Go (Volume 1) is an Agent Neigh production for OSR.  Many of the tsumego are originals, published here for the first time.  Others are variations of existing problems.  First one to finish the lot let us know and we will congratulate you!  Bonus: OSR comics 1-3.  

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March monthly winners and prizes!

Great Gatsby

Greetings Go players!

A month of sowing has passed, and now it is time to reap your sweet reward! Or if you didn’t win, you get to wallow in your misery, how fun! We had 211 games this month across both leagues. That is exactly 100 more games than last month! Let’s keep that trend going shall we? Now please join me in congratulating our winners!

Monthly league ...

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CIT statement on recent botting allegations in tournament games

Hi everyone,

As some of you may have heard, there was an allegation made that in a recent CIT game Triton used Leela to give himself an unfair advantage in the match against Streetplay. The game in question can be found here. Given the recent course of events in the online Go world, botting suspicion can be a very sensitive topic, and my first priority is to be as transparent with everyone as possible.

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