"Patience is king in go and making dough"

- fledermaus


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Study Go

Ask stronger players to help review your games, study pro games or tsumego. We also organise lectures with strong teachers. The global idea is you get taught by the stronger while you teach the weaker.

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Play Go

Playing long serious games is very important to improve. Our league system encourages you to do so in a friendly yet competitive environment. On top of that we reward our winners with cool prizes every month.

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We are a friendly active online community of Go players from all around the world. OSR is run by volunteers, community driven and all free for everyone to come enjoy the beautiful game of Go.

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Whether you are a beginner just learning the rules or a strong player, OSR can help your Go.

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We provide

OGS/KGS/Discord integration

See what opponents are online on those platform to find a game. Play your league games, write #OSR during the chat and that's it. Our website will collect it automatically.

Teaching for everyone

Do you prefer a simul game with a strong dan? A lecture on a topic of your choosing? A teaching game? Let us know! We set it up with our teachers, record it and upload to our youtube channel.


Win a teaching game with a professional player, a game review by a strong dan or 10€ gift certificate at Guo Juan's internet go school. All that just by playing go!

Plan your games

Plan your game in advance with your opponent using our game planner. It's easy to use and it adapts to timezones automatically.

Latest news in our blog

2022 March Leagues: Results & Prizes!

Hello, apologies for the delay this month...

We managed to end the first quarter of the year while keeping OSR afloat and with the first Meijin league which has reached its end since OSR went into hibernation. Let's take a look at the results:

League Winners

  • Monthly League:
    • HES: 25 …
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2022 February Leagues: Results & Prizes!

Hello again!

The new year is going by quick. February always seems to fly by really quickly. The start of march has been quite busy for me which is why I have taken such a long time to write this post. Better late than never though! Let's take a look …

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2022 January Leagues: Results & Prizes!

Hello Again!

Now that the new year celebrations have passed, things have calmed down a little bit. 48 games were played in the main league along with 3 in the dan league, 2 in the DDK league and 12 in the new SDK League.

This means that if you are …

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