OSR calendar is organised in 3 tabs: Calendar, my availability and game planner.

Besides following OSR events, this tool allow you to easily set up games appointments with OSR members with the following work flow:

  1. Say when you are available to play a game in the future. Then other users can see such availability and send you game requests.
  2. See when other users are available and send them games requests.
  3. Accept or decline game requests from other users
  4. Play a game !

Note that this calendar automatically adapts to the time zone you have set in your profile (direct link to set it).

Let's see that in detail.


In this tab, you access a month view of the calendar highlighting OSR events, your game request and your game appointments.

OSR event: An teaching event set up by the OSR team.

My game request : A game request you have sent to one or more user. Waiting on other users to accept it. The first to accept, gets the game.

Others game request: a game request you have received from another user. You can either accept or decline it.

Game appointment A game appointment with another player.

My availability

In this tab, you access a week view where you can easily set your own availability by selecting areas of the calendar.

By doing so, you are saying to other OSR members that you are willing to play a game at this dates and times.

You can also edit or delete your availability easily with just one click.

Don't forget to save your change on the left side of the page!

The filter time range part allow you to choose which part of the day you want to be shown. Maybe you don't want to play a game before 4 am? The website will remember this setting the next time you connect.

Game planner

In this week view, you can see when other members are available to play.

You can choose which league you want to schedule a game for by filtering divisions.

You can also toggle the background display of your availability

Game requests: Sent and received

Clicking on a time where others users are available allows you to send a game request to some of those users.

They will receiver a message on the OSR website and an email to tell them about this game request.

If needed, you can cancel a it easily by clicking on it.

You can see the game requests that you have sent and also the ones you have received.

Game appointments: Play !

Once you or another player accepts a game request, a game appointment is created. Both players now commit to meet and play at the agreed date and time.

Again game appointments can be easily cancelled.

Related users will be notified by message on the OSR website and email of all those events.