First OSR Cup!

Friends from the OSR, you want to show that you are the best? Dominating your league isn't enough anymore?

At the end of this month, you will be able to play in the very first OSR Cup. The main goal of this competition is to provide a different environment to play games than our classic league. It will also feature shorter games, to allow everyone to play 4 to 6 matches, while not having something that will last forever. We're aiming at 3 to 4 hours of tournament, meaning that the games must not last much more than 30 minutes.


 Sunday 27th of May (GMT time):

  • 16:30 : Beginning of the check in
  • 16:55 : Start of the tournament, you can't join it anymore
  • 17:00 : Round 1
  • 17:45 : Round 2
  • 18:30 : Round 3
  • 19:15 : Round 4
  • 20:00 : Round 5
  • 20:45 : Round 6/End of the tournament

How to register :

Pre registration Send a message to Behemoth by Discord saying that your willing to participate. Don't forget to give your current rank and your exact OSR username, so we can put you in the adequate category. Doing so ahead of the tournament will allow us to have an idea of the quantity of competitors.

Check in Be sure to message Behemoth on Discord between 16:30 and 16:55 (GMT) to confirm your participation. Message must include exact OSR username and your approximate rank.

The check in is mandatory wether you pre-registered or not.

Format of the tournament:

It will depend on the number of players signing up!

It's actually 3 tournaments: one for dan level players, one for SDK players and of course one for the mighty DDK players.

Depending on the number of registered players we will:

  • 4 to 7 players in a tournament : Championship structure, everyone plays versus everyone in the category.
  • 8 players and more : GSL Style Group Stage into double elimination bracket


  • 10 minutes main time + 3x15s byo-yomi
  •  6,5 komi
  •  no handicap.

Each tournament will have 4 to 6 rounds, one round is 45 minutes long. At the beginning of every round on the tournament page, we will give all the matches. Find your opponent as soon as possible and play!

You can play on either OGS or KGS, like for the league games. Talk about it with your opponent by Discord!

If a player is disconnected/afk from the match, he has 10 minutes to come back, then he will be disqualified. This one is a bit harsh, but we can't afford aving a single match slowing down everyone.

Once a game is finished, the winner of the game will have to notify me about the result and the sgf of the game in a dedicated discord channel.

If you finished your game and there is still time left until the next Round, you can obviously grab something to eat or review your game. Just make sure to be back on time for the next round.

If somehow you didn't finished your game at the end of the Round Time, please be as quick as possible, or resign if you situation is desperate. Thanks !