OSR is run by only a few volunteers who are trying their very best to provide you with a free place to play, study and teach the wonderful game of Go.

There are various ways you can help the Open Study Room:

Keep the OSR spirit alive:

  • Play league games.
  • Provide us with feedbacks, ideas or criticism.
  • Help weaker players by reviewing their games.
  • Keep the OSR room, discord server and forum lively and active
  • Mention OSR to your Go playing friends.

Help us run OSR:

At the moment, the OSR could really use some manpower in the following fields:

  • Communication: Send emails and write posts on our website as well as on various social media (reddit, google+, facebook). To apply for this, one should obviously feel comfortable writing in English. You wouldn't be alone in this position, and we try to keep an eye out for each other. The content of the posts will mostly have to do with OSR announcements and teaching event announcements.
  • Event recorder: Record our teaching events so we can upload them on our website for those who can't make it.
  • Code the website: Our website is free software written in python. We have lots of ideas to implement new features. Check out our github.


Running such a place costs money. To give you an idea, for the year 2018, OSR have spent more than 30€ monthly.

  • The server cost us 5€ per month.
  • Thanks to the support of our teachers, we set up teaching events. Since some of our teachers are professionals go teachers, it's more than fair to pay them for their time and work.

If you like the OSR project, giving us a couple € could help us give more prizes and set up teaching events.