Thanks to all OSR teachers for helping OSR members to improve at go. If you are looking for a private teacher, you should definitely consider them.

Guo Juan is a professional 5p Go player from China.

Yoonyoung Kim is a professional 8p Go player from Korea

David Ulbricht is a German go player ranked 4dan EGF.

Mateusz Surma is a Polish professional go player ranked 2p EGF.

Su Yang is a Finnish go player ranked EGF 6 dan.

Michael, or Mikito, is an AGA 2k and an experienced teacher of beginners and ddks.

Cornel is a Romanian go player ranked as 8d AGA (7d EGF) .

Péter Markó, is a Hungarian go player ranked EGF 4 dan.

Justin Teng is an American Go player ranked 6D AGA

Ben is a Canadian go player ranked as 6d .

Jean-François Gagnier is a French Go player ranked 4D CGA.

Shawn Ray is an American go player ranked AGA 4 Dan.