Irish Go Association (IGA)

IGA Irish Go Association organizes two seasons of online leagues per a year.

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All Irish Go Association leagues

Open leagues are green.
name begin ends divisions players games
(IGA) Season X 2023-01-24 2023-02-28 1 7 2

Irish Go Association Games

date white black result
2023-01-28 shinuito blee.dublin B+F
2023-01-26 Baris blee.dublin B+13.5
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All Irish Go Association tournaments

Open tournament are green.
name begin time end time

All Irish Go Association members

Community admins are blue.
username OGS username KGS username
Titvins Titvins Titvins
Tigrou49 Tigrou49 Mango
Ptitged ptitged ptitged
Labda Dalab Labda
shinuito shinuito shinuito
Baris AlpSWE
blee.dublin blee.dublin bleedublin