What is it all about?

The Open Study Room has reached out to the European Go Journal and will be subscribing to the Journal under the Go Club Licence.

The benefit of this subscription, is that the members of the Open Study Room will be able to get the European Go Journal at a discounted price when purchasing through the Open Study Room.

If you would like to know more about the European Go Journal and the issue contents, you can download free of charge the first issue (February 2021).

As of March 2023, you can now also download the November 2021 issue free of charge.

The electronic version that members will be receiving will include:

  • The journal file (PDF)
  • Games from the journal (ZIP file containing SGFs)
  • Professional games collection (PDF)
  • Professional games collection (ZIP file containing SGFs)

The way this works

The European Go Journal has a club/community subscription in which the electronic version of the journal is offered at half the price.

The original price is 5 Euros, while under the club subscription it is 2.50 Euros.

Because the Open Study Room is using PayPal for the processing of the fees, PayPal charges a transaction fee.

In discussion with our community on Discord, it was decided that this fee will be paid by the members as part of the transaction.

In order to reduce the fees, we will offer our members the option to purchase in advance multiple issues of the journal (with a confirmation each time on which issue they would like).

What do I have to do?

If you would like to purchase the European Go Journal, you have to follow the link below and choose the number of issues (amount of payment) you would like to make.

As part of the processing form, please do not forget to indicate your Open Study Room username, as we will use that to track your subscription and email the relevant issue to you.

We will maintain our communications via the #european-go-journal channel on Discord, so keen an eye out there for follow-up communications.

For every issue (nearly monthly), we will communicate with our members the contents of the issue via Discord, and folk will be able to decide if they want to receive that issue or not. For those who want to receive the issue, they will have to submit the funds via the link below (or have paid in advance), stating clearly the name of the Open Study Room username. We will normally give one week's notice before the purchase is made. Once the issue is purchased, a member of the Open Study Room team will email you the link to your electronic edition.

Fee breakdown and transparency

PayPal fees are 2,9% + 0,35 €. The Open Study Room does not retain any fees for this service. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees
Number of issues EGJ Cost Cost to OSR (includes PayPal fees)
Single issue 2.50 € 2.94 €
Two issues 5.00 € 5.51 €
Three issues 7.50 € 8.08 €
Six issues 15.00 € 15.80 €
Twelve issues 30.00 € 31.23 €

To proceed and subscribe to the Journal, follow the link below.

Please do not forget to add your Open Study Room account name on the second page, as this will enable us to know who to distribute the journal to.

Confirmation of which journal issue you would like to subscribe to will be undertaken in our #european-go-journal channel on Discord.

Thank you to the European Go Journal

We would like to express our gratitude to Artem Kachanovskyi and the European Go Journal for enabling us to offer the e-journal to our members at a discounted price.