Cornel playing at WAGC

My name is Gheorghe Cornel Burzo and I was born may 3rd 1980 in Bistrita, a small town located in the north of Romania.

I came across the game of Go for the first time at age of 10 when my grandfather bought a Go game set for me and my two brothers as a Christmas gift but we couldn't really understand the rules from the flyer inside the box so I found the game boring and quit after trying a few 9x9 games..

Few years later I moved with my family in a bigger city Baia Mare also in the north of Romania and in 1994 I joined a local Go club which was ran by a 2kyu physics teacher Florin Berciu and once I learnt the rules properly  I found the game fascinating and addictive and since then I took part in 275 go tournaments worldwide .

You can check my player stats here.

Among the numerous tourneys played in Europe, USA and Asia I can mention a few notable results such as winning the National Championship in Romania 5 times, finished 3rd and 4th  in the European Go Championship in 2003, 2010 respectively and placed 5th and 6th in the World Amateur Go Championships in 2008, Japan and 2015,Thailand.

I got promoted to 6dan player egf in 2003 and besides playing many tournaments live I've been very active as an online player and teacher on servers like IGS-Pandanet, KGS,Tygembaduk, Wbaduk and Fox where I use Cornel , cornel11 usernames for teaching and igoski account for playing rated games.

I teach online since 2000 and you can check my go lessons prices on Cornel info on KGS or email me at for further details.