David in the final round of the 2022 German Championship

I started playing Go 2014 at the age of 24. I joined OSR at the end of 2017 as a 1-2kyu and quickly fell in love with the community. Since then, I’ve had a whole journey, starting as a member, becoming a champion (11-time Meijin), eventually joining the team and now being a teacher for OSR. Currently I am an EGF 4dan. I’ve had a good amount of success, finding and trying out methods that work for me and have already worked for others.

You can find my efforts to improve with daily tsumego and training game streams a few times per week on Twitch .

I strive to improve a lot more, and I am convinced that you can begin your go-journey at any age and still improve to at least a high amateur level if your heart (and some time 😉) is in it.

In fact, one of my main motivations is to inspire others to believe and live that as well!

During my most active time in the OSR leagues I have played and reviewed many games, so I’ve gained a lot of experience reviewing and teaching. I am in general very methodical in my approach, both in learning and in teaching.

Since early 2022 I started coaching my own students and I’m really enjoying it!

There are some example reviews and more to see on my YouTube Channel

If you are interested in private lessons, contact me via david.ulbricht89@gmail.com, via discord, either by dm to GoDave89#2787 or by joining my Discord) or via OGS at GoDave89.

I teach both in English and in German.