Mateusz Surma is a polish professional go player ranked 2p EGF.


His dad taught him go at the ages of six and a half. As a teenager between 14 and 18 years of age he spent roughly two and a half years korea to study go in various dojangs. (King’s Baduk Dojang, Yang Jae-Ho Baduk Dojang, and Choong-Am Baduk go Dojang go schools) After that, he also spent 8 months in China at Ge Yuhong Weiqi Daochang go school.

In 2015 he won the 2nd european pro qualification tournament and became the third EGF professional go player.

He has written a total of 9 go books and started a website with an online shop and organising online go lessons.

You can find more information about him at his website or at his EGF pro page.