Sinan playing go

Sinan Djepov is a bulgarian go player ranked 5d EGF.

He learned go in 2013, at the age of 12 and improved quite fast. In 2016, he got 6th place at the World Youth Go Championship and 2nd place at the Austrian Open.

He plays as Youngpro on several online go server ( 7D KGS, 7D Wbaduk, and 8dan on Foxy).

Be sure to check his website where he share some interesting go videos and articles.

He likes to teach go online: For only 5€ he will review one sgf file and for 7€, a teaching game with review. You will have detail explanations, mostly focusing on efficiency and strategy. He also likes to give ideas on how to make your moves more creative and how to calmly kill your opponent.

If you are interested in his teaching or have any questions feel free to ask him by email or in kgs.

Aside from go, he is interested in psychology, philosophy, science and calisthenics.