Improving the league system

Improving the league system  

  By: EdwinSelan on March 10, 2017, 9:35 a.m.

For april, we wish to improve the league system, but obviously, we don't want to change things without asking everyone their opinion first.

-One of the thing I suggest is to add a new categorie of league games, which would be called "friendly league game" or something like that. These are league game between people who are not in the same league, they will give less points than a normal league game, but they will give both player the same amount of points ( If climu ( league A) and EdwinSelan (league B) play together a friendly league game, they both win 0,5 points for exemple)

Again, this is to reward people activity more than actual strengh, but also so we can split up active players between different league, but still give them the option to play each other.

-Climu also suggested to make one big league which would last longer, (like 3 month) and give the winner a prize and an honorific title.

these are two different ideas, two exemple, but feel free to give us your idea to improve the league system.

Re: Improving the league system  

  By: Shisu on March 10, 2017, 5:53 p.m.

Like I said in Discord before, I really like the idea of the friendly league games, this way you can play even if you are in the bottom league (which is, i guess, mostly not that active...) and still play a lot of (interessting) games!

Or how about a tournament once in a while? A little bit like the big League climu suggested, but more like: there could be a rule, that every member of the Top league is qualified for the special league and everyone else need to get to placement X in an OSR Tournament (or something comparebal) to compete in the special league and for the oppurtunity to earn the title of it. (Hope my discription isn't that confusing... ^^)

Re: Improving the league system  

  By: EdwinSelan on March 13, 2017, 9:48 p.m.

I thought about that tournament idea, I really like it, but we have so much to do (mostly when it come to coding ), it won't come now, but i'll keep that idea

Re: Improving the league system  

  By: EdwinSelan on March 16, 2017, 9:43 a.m.

So here is what we want to do with the league system:

We want to create two separate system:

-The first one is a group system, in which players will be separated in different group. Each month, you can go up in the groups, or go down depending on your result.


Group A: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4 Group B: Player 5, Player 6, Player 7, Player 8 etc

-The second one is the league system. In the "new" league system, Everyone will be able to join the league. We want people to be able to play 5 games with everyone. But the league will be reseted every 3 month.

I'll add info in this post when we know more about our systems.

Please ask us anything that isn't clear so we can add more precisions.

Re: Improving the league system  

  By: climu on March 16, 2017, 1:31 p.m.

Allow me to explain some more:

We like thrill of a "ladder" system: players want to get in top of their group to go to the upper group and climb the ladder.

But we are ware some would like to play with oponents that are not in their group.

So we would create a second big league with all players in it. Such a league would last 3 month and indeed we could play up to 5 games against the same opponent.

The winner of the big league could win a prize + an honorific title.

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