Hello everyone! I am StinkyTofu!

Hello everyone! I am StinkyTofu!  

  By: StinkyTofu on Oct. 28, 2018, midnight

Hello to the lovely community of OSR. I'm a go enthusiast from Finland. Besides Go, I study math and music and I am a professional tap dancer, teaching and performing. I created an ateljee with my friend to serve as a workspace to do all the things we are interested and eventually reach our goals and dreams. My dreams are sometimes too many, but I think them as individual groups of stones. As long as I keep them alive, I can keep on playing.

My dreams include:

  • Become a Japanese or Taiwanese go professional.
  • Move to Japan/Taiwan.
  • Become a music teacher.
  • Become a scientist/researcher in the field of pure mathematics.
  • Learn fluent Chinese/Japanese.
  • Learn to play the piano so that I can use it to provide live music for my students in tap dance.
  • Work towards a creating better education and be part of creating a new school systems.
  • Learn to code and program neuro networks and AI-powered mobile apps.
  • Become a YouTube content creator.

Yeah maybe I might need a lifetime or two to really achieve all of these, but reaching towards them is magical and I feel I'm living my dreams. I believe you create the world you live in.

My Go journey:

The Beginning

I started in 2006 and I learned the rules from who taught me quite the horrible way. Just crushing me all the time and never saying a word. I played in some tournaments and got to around 10k. Then life took a turn to somewhere else.

Taiwan Exchange

Later in 2010 I became an exchange student and lived a year in Taiwan. That's where I got into Go again. I went to a local Go club which had this master who really had a divine insight to Go. I got so excited that I went to the bigger Go schools in Taipei where they tested me if I could join the classes. The classes were awesome, we played rengo with 10 people until the teacher decided that we will start analysing the game and he taught as good shape and direction. There were multiple classes a day and they were priced individually. Sometimes I joined classes all day and even ended up going to the local club in the evening.

Return to Finland

Sadly this was for just a couple of months since I didn't find them until the very end of my exchange year. When I returned to Finland, I was having a reverse culture shock and could not cope with not being able to go to a Go school like the one in Taipei. So I stopped for years.

A New Start

I heard the news of AI becoming better than human and a Finnish go player becoming a Japanese Go professional. Now in the fall of 2018 I finally returned to Go and have immersed myself into the community in my city. I have been visiting the go clubs every week and made a lot of new friends. I got ranked 6 kyu and joined some tournaments. I made some goals to myself:

1) Always having fun playing the game.

2) Practise everyday.

Also I want to help the community to grow and want to build similar go school environment as I got to experience in Taiwan. For now I was able to get some people together to start a weekly SDK study session with a 6 dan teacher. I think we are lucky to have him in our Go community.

_Fun Facts_ I'm really looking forward to get to know everyone here in OSR. I'm semi active on discord. Don't be scared to send me messages or game requests.

I'm quite the nerd and like table top rpg:s (D&D) and video games. I have a ps4 and the game I play most actively is Dead By Daylight. I like the Walking Dead series games and Life is Strange. I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy Franchise and have played through the games 2,5,7,8,9, type-O.

I like Adventure Times and other cartoons like the Simpsons and Steven Universe. I watch a lot of anime and my favourite ones include: Hikaru No Go and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.

My favourite youtubers are: Amazing Phil and Dan Howell, A French Guy Cooking, Ongaku Concept, Adam Neely, 8-bit music theory, 12 tones, TwoSetViolin, HybridPanda, Andrew Huang, Strictly Dumpling and many more.

One more thing: I have a Samoyed dog named Kira <3

Thank you for reading.

Luna aka StinkyTofu

Re: Hello everyone! I am StinkyTofu!  

  By: korni on Oct. 29, 2018, 10:58 a.m.

Hi StinkyTofu and welcome to the OSR family! \o/

Woh, your journey seems quite long but also exciting! I really look forward to getting to know you and play games with you.

By the way, are you in the academic field (re scientist/researcher in maths)?

Re: Hello everyone! I am StinkyTofu!  

  By: alemitrani on Oct. 29, 2018, 6:40 p.m.

Welcome to OSR StinkyTofu, and thanks for the interesting introduction.

Re: Hello everyone! I am StinkyTofu!  

  By: og1L on Oct. 31, 2018, 11:36 a.m.

Hello and welcome to OSR. Thank you for such a detailed introduction. Have fun playing and conquering the leagues! See you soon on Discord or some online-Goban somewhere. :D