When reviewing games from 30 kyu to 6 kyu I find many shapes mistakes that are really easy to avoid. I decided to collect here some documentation of free material about that:

Shapes: The soul of go by Fan Hui (2p)

This small book by Fan Hui focus on simple shapes issue and show how it can be important in games. Fan Hui kindly agreed to have a chapter of his book freely available in English on Sensei Library.

I highly recommend this book to anyone up to 1d. Short and effective.

Dsaun videos about shapes

3 hours video lecture about shapes by Dsaun. I didn't watch it but it's a kind of a classic.

Shape Up by Charles Matthews

Thanks to Charles Matthews for publishing this 220 pages book under Creative Commons.

I didn't read entirely but it covers many shapes in detail and illustrate those in fighting situations.

 Feel free to submit some other ideas or situations where such shape issues arise in games!

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