Hi everyone,

As some of you may have heard, there was an allegation made that in a recent CIT game Triton used Leela to give himself an unfair advantage in the match against Streetplay. The game in question can be found here. Given the recent course of events in the online Go world, botting suspicion can be a very sensitive topic, and my first priority is to be as transparent with everyone as possible.

Some time after the game, an anonymous person brought this issue to my attention. An analysis was run and completed by Digitalsleeve which showed a close to 95% correlation (during moves up to ~130) between Triton’s moves and the top three choices from Leela. The SGF of that report is available here; each node has a comment which marks Leela’s preferences, with A-C being the top 3 options.

Unfortunately this put me, the OSR team, and obviously Triton himself into a very delicate position. With these accusations there can never be a 100% certainty in either direction, and lot of factors can come into play. However, once such an accusation is made, it creates a lot of conflict and animosity, and it is very uncomfortable for both the other tournament players, and naturally the accused himself, who would be playing all his following games, knowing they will be closely analyzed by many viewers.

Keeping in mind that our tournament has no prize money and with no intention other than helping every aspiring content creator grow and prosper in the community, I, along with support from the OSR team, made the difficult decision to ask Triton to step down from the tournament. I believed this would be the best solution to keep the rest of the tournament as fun as possible, in a situation where there can be no winners. I sympathize with everyone who feels their tournament experience may be negatively affected; however, there is still a lot to look forward to in the remainder of this year’s CIT, and we’ll be coming back with better news.

Thank you for your attention, xhu98