Hello guys!

Boring yet important things to talk about today: money.

How do we work?

Before we dig into tables and numbers, allow me first to remind how OSR project handle money. As stated in our FAQ, all OSR activities are and will always be 100% free for anyone to participate. That point is very important in the heart and spirit of OSR and all its team members since its beginning. That being said, running such a place cost money. Money is spend in two ways:

  • Server: Digital Ocean Droplet with weekly backup is around 8€ per month. Domain name needs renewal from time to time.
  • Teaching: As you may know, OSR often sets up teaching events with various Go teachers. While many of those teacher supports OSR a way or another, it is more than fair to pay for their time and work.

Our incomes are from Paypal donations and Patreon.

While we want to be as transparent as possible on that matter, we don't publish detailed numbers. Indeed some teachers choose to support OSR charging special low fees because they support OSR project. They prefer to remain discrete on that matter not to harm their business and we can only respect that while being thanks full for their kind support.

Show me the money!

Allright, allright!

As OSR was hibernating for some time in the past, I didn't post such finance summary since 2019. All numbers are in €.

OSR incomes from 2020 to 2022 (€)
Income 2020 2021 2022
Patreon 109.98 31.56 1.28
Donation 211.1 0 250
Total 321.09 31.56 251.28
OSR outgoing from 2020 to 2022 (€)
Outgoing 2020 2021 2022
Server 67.87 117.43 84.9
Teaching 268.23 0 130
Total 336.1 117.43 214.9
Finances summary for 2020-2022
Year 2020 2021 2022
Starting funds 145.27 130.26 44.39
Incomes 321.09 31.56 251.28
Outgoing -307.55 117.43 214.9
Balance -15.01 -85.87 36.38
End funds 130.26 44.39 80.77

What does those numbers says?

In 2020 OSR was active spending 240€ in teaching and a steady patreon income. With OSR hibernation, activities stopped. Nothing were spend on teaching in 2021 and our income went down a lot. For the record, the increase in server cost this year is due to a domain name renewal.

Last September, new members joined OSR team. They help revive OSR activites, set up tournament and teaching. Donation followed.

That's how it usually works: The more activity in OSR, the more income... the more activities we can organise.

What about the EGJ money?

Thanks to Artem Kachanovskyi and the European Go Journal we recently we started a plan to offer the European Go Journal at reduced cost for our members. This money will not appear in finance sheets. We just give it to EGJ directly without taking any cents on it.

Where do we Go from that?

The OSR is really gaining stamina lately. Lots has been done (study groups, Eunkyo Do teaching, new sponsors...) and we have many ideas to keep pushing forward. We are often limited on those ideas by the state of our finances so it's time to remind that having a steady monthly Patreon income could really help us organize crazy things!

Remember, giving money to OSR means allowing volunteers to set up free teaching for the online go community. If you like Go teaching, don't hesitate!

It is also time to remind that OSR team is always looking for feedback and ideas. If you would like the OSR to spend money on other content or teachings , if you have ideas, please let us know!

We really are grateful to the Go community to help us build this lovely project and would like to send some special love to:

  • OSR members who keep studying, playing, teaching, learning and giving feedback to give directions to the team.
  • Eunkyo Do 1p for the very generous teaching she is providing to our community lately.
  • All our teachers, sponsors, friends and partners who supports the OSR project one way or the other.