Great Gatsby

Greetings fellow dudes, dudettes, and everyone in between. Another great month has passed us by, and I’m sure we all had a great time getting stoned (get it? :P) It is that time of the month again where we look to the skies and congratulate the gods and goddesses among us on their Go skills. We have sacrificed our stones to them, and now we offer up these great prizes. Before I delve deeper down the rabbit hole that is this metaphor, let’s see who the winners are for this month!

Monthly league prizes

Winner of the main league: GoDave89 has won a teaching game with True (KGS 7d) + €10 at Guo Juan's internet go school! Although Germany had a . . . disappointing (to say the least) ending to their chances at the World Cup, at least the nation can be proud of GoDave89 for his domination of the OSR league!

In second place, we have jthat who has won a teaching game with Peter Marko and €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School! Congratulations!

Third place goes to Kamelotusky, who has won a game review with Justin Teng and €10 at Guo Juan's internet go school!

The winner of the DDK league this month is Santos Macario who has won a teaching game with Brandon! Rock on with your ddk self!

Each winner will shortly receive an email with instructions on how to claim their prizes. Congratulations to all of our OSR members for another great month of playing and learning together.

If you would like to support OSR and keep these fantastic prizes going, please consider supporting us on Patreon (link below)!! As always, the OSR team would also like to thank all OSR friends, partners and teachers for their help in making this possible. We couldn’t do it without you.