This tournament will start on November 19th. This will give us time to get more participants and to prepare properly. At present we have 11 participants and it would be great if more people could join us. Registration will close at the end of November 16th. The number of groups etc. will depend on the number of participants we have on November 17th. The tournament final will be a best of 3 matches.

Time settings will be Fischer, 3 mins main time plus 2 seconds per move with a maximum of 3 mins. Komi of 7 for white. Replay in the event of jigo.

We suggest playing and reviewing several warm-up games before each tournament game, and agreeing with your opponent which one will count for the tournament before you play it.

Games can be played on OGS or GoQuest as people prefer. Participants will be required to submit the SGF file for each tournament game to the tournament organiser.

The #tournament channel on the Open Study Room Discord will be used for tournament communications once it is underway. We request that people who wish to participate register interest there: https://discord.gg/yh9qtVH 1

The tournament will be hosted by Open Study Room and participants will need to open an account on openstudyroom.org if they don’t already have one. Open Study Room has tools for tournaments and a calendar system that will hopefully make it easier for opponents to agree when to play. There will be a calendar for the tournament and people will be encouraged to spectate, kibitz, and help review games. We encourage the use of gokibitz.com for reviewing games. That is all for now, comments welcome.