February was a busy month with 151 games played in 4 monthly leagues. The league winners include both new and old faces.

League results

League Games Players Games per player 1st 2nd 3rd
Main monthly league 102 74 1.4 GoDave89 (19/19) Flapse10 (12/19) Zero00 (11/12)
DDK league 25 24 1.0 Korni (8/9) Saltymetagamer (4/5) Opuss (2/7)
9x9 league 8 13 0.6 Alemitrani (4/7) Daxz (2/2) Bugcat (1/3)
Dan league 4 11 0.4 Zero00 (2/3) Brisbaner (2/3) Hellsflame (0/1)

GoDave89 won the main monthly league with a perfect record of 19 wins, with flapse10 coming in second (12 wins out of 19 games) and zero00 third (11 wins out of 12 games).

The DDK league was dominated by UK-based players this month, korni won with 8 wins out of 9, followed by saltymetagamer and opuss.

Yours truly won the 9x9 league with 4 victories in 7 games, followed by Daxz and bugcat.

Zero00 won the dan league with 2 wins out of 3 games, narrowly beating Brisbaner to first place on SODOS (they tied both on points and number of games). Hellsflame fought off nomadfarmer to secure third place.

Prizes are awarded for first and second place of each league with the exception of the 9x9 league which has no prizes as yet.


Player Prize
GoDave89 teaching game with Norman Tsai (AGA 6d)
Flapse10 €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School.
Zero00 game review with Justin Teng (AGA 6d)
Korni teaching game, teacher to be confirmed
Saltymetagamer €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School.
Brisbaner €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School.

February was the first of three months of the 8th OSR Meijin league, at the time of writing the current Meijin, GoDave89, was in the lead with 30 points, followed by flapse10 with 25 points and Zero00 with 17 points. There are still two months for someone to win the crown!

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all for participating!

Hopefully March will be another busy month with many interesting games and learning opportunities for all.