With the end of March we have also reached the end of our month-long event series to celebrate welcoming the 1000th member to the Open Study Room. We hope you enjoyed some of the events we tried to put together for you and are now ready to return to our regular schedule. Which of course includes our monthly leagues and the due results.

League overview

League Games Players 1st 2nd 3rd
Main OSR league 74 57 bugcat (8/15) GoDave89 (10/11) AdamReal (4/10)
DDK league 28 7 AdamReal (3/3) korni (2/3) newbator (1/2)
Dan league 8 2 Ramona (1/1) Brisbaner (1/1) GoDave89 (0/1)

As you can see above this months leagues had some lower activity which may be related to the wealth of other events that took place, like the tournament, simuli and rengo evenings.

The monthly OSR league showed average activity with the most active players being bugcat, GoDave89 and AdamReal. Out of those bugcat was the most eager one which allowed him to become this months OSR league champion.

The DDK league showed that some of our regulars have grown out of the DDK league. With only 7 games played the group fighting for this months DDK title was quite small. Winner was AdamReal who won 3 out of 3 games and thus could pull ahead of korni and newbator.

The Dan league continued to be a homely gathering and out of the 2 games Ramona and Brisbaner could win 1 each.

The fairly new 9x9 league had no games at all and will likely be discontinued in the near future unless this changes. So if you are interested in 9x9 play some games there and help to make it prosper. Our 9x9 enthusiast alemitrani would be very sad otherwise!


Player Prize
bugcat Teaching game with Norman Tsai (AGA 6d)
GoDave89 €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School
AdamReal Game review with Justin Teng (AGA 6d)
korni €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating!

You may have noticed that we have given less prizes this month. We have been internally discussing this since some months now and it is time to make some changes. We can not really afford to give out prizes if the activity is not up to par. We also feel that giving a prize for a single game in a league feels like handing out participation trophies and devalues the other prizes. From now on a player will need a minimum of 3 points in a league to be eligible for any prize in that league. This is a quite low bar and might be a good incentive to get in another game at the end of the month. If you disagree please let us know!

The new leagues are already open and have plenty of room left for your games! Have a wonderful April. As you are reading this on the 2nd you may feel lucky that you missed climus and my ideas of April fools jokes :D