Good evening Gobaneros! It is time to be surprised as the first week of September hasn't even passed yet and the league update for August is already out! Boom!

Problem of the month

Let's start with the problem of the month and actually make it the problem of the month. As nobody seemed interested to discuss the problems in previous months and nobody felt like sending in new problems from their games for discussion we will stop this section. If you should feel like discussing some Go-problems head over to the #tsumego channel on our Discord

League Results

Now the information you have been looking for:

League Players Games 1st 2nd 3rd
Monthly league 41 30 Capitaine_Crochet (5/6) GoDave89 (5/5) alemitrani (2/8)
DDK league 12 5 opuss (3/5) GentleBent (1/2) 2bellr (1/1)
Dan league 5 2 GoDave89 (1/1) BoneSaw (1/1) HelcioAlex (0/2)

The August leagues saw a slight increase in activity compared to July and there is hope that we will see a further rise in activity as the holidays are ending and people return to their normal routines of playing OSR league games ;)

In the Dan league BoneSaw and GoDave89 both ended up with a single win against an eager HelcioAlex.

The DDK league was a little bit more active with a total of 5 games, all involving opuss who did win 3 of them. Runner up was GentleBent with 2 games.

The August OSR league did finish with 30 games and was won by Capitaine_Crochet, closely followed by GoDave89 and alemitrani.

The 9x9 league did once again show zero activity and thus we have decided to close it down for now.


As usual there were some prizes to be won. Keep in mind that not all winners and runners up get prizes as a player needs a minimum of 3 league points to be eligible for any prize.

Place Player Prize
Monthly league 1st place Capitaine_Crochet Game review with Justin Teng (AGA 6d)
Monthly league 2nd place GoDave89 €10 at Guo Juan's Internet Go School
DDK league 1st place opuss Teaching game with Norman Tsai (AGA 6d)

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for playing in the leagues. Also massive thanks to everyone doing reviews and to our teachers and sponsors. See you all after a super-busy September!