Hey guys, I hope everybody's doing well! Sam here, duly (and belatedly) apologizing for the overdue February report on the results & prizes for last month. Sorry about that! 😅

February Summary

So, overall the OSR Leagues fared all right this past month with 36 total games, but the leagues themselves... well, they were not very balanced. The Monthly League had 35 games played in it, but the Dan League only had one game, and the DDK didn't have any at all... Try again this March, you got this guys! Also, don't forget the 12th Meijin League is open; but watch out, GoDave's got an early lead with 14 points already!

League Games Active players
Monthly League 35 21
Dan League 1 2
DDK League 0 0

League prizes

Position Player Prize
1st in Monthly League GoDave89 5€ at Guo Juan's Internet Go School
2nd in Monthly League bugcat Teaching game with Norman Tsai 6D
1st in Dan League Brisbaner 5€ at Guo Juan's Internet Go School

Winners should receive an email shortly (and we mean it this time!) with instructions on how to receive their prizes.

Thanks guys!

Thanks to everybody who played, and also to Guo Juan's Internet Go school and Norman Tsai for helping, too.

Guo Juan's Internet Go School