Hey, you rowdy Go rockers! Sam here. This blog post will actually contain two sections. One for April, and another for the 12th Meijin League.

April League Summary

So, for the April Leagues, we had 163 games played across the leagues! Great job, guys! 131 in the main OSR League, 31 in the DDK League, but only one game in the Dan League. So, holy cow, 163 games (wait 'til you see the 12th Meijin League results below 😳), nice job picking up the pace in the DDK League.

League Games Active Players
Monthly League 131 42
Dan League 1 2
DDK League 31 15

April League prizes

Position Player Prize
1st in Monthly League Ethelor Teaching game with Norman Tsai (AGA 6d)
2nd in Monthly League leandrocus 5€ voucher for Guo Juan's Internet Go School
1st in Dan League GoDave89 5€ voucher for Guo Juan's Internet Go School
1st in DDK League leandrocus 5€ voucher for Guo Juan's Internet Go School

12th Meijin League Summary

In the Meijin Leagues, we had a grand total of...199 games!

Guys, nice! This is just one game shy of a 70 game increase from the 13th Meijin League! Great job! There were nearly 60 active players participating.

GoDave is maintains his title as the OSR Meijin, but Ethelor gave him a heck of a challenge.
"I barely defended my title vs Ethelor -that guy was a BEAST last month"
Straight from the horse's mouth. So, Ethelor, you better take pride in that 😉.

Meijin League prizes

Position Player Prize
1st in OSR Meijin League GoDave89 Teaching game with Alexander Dinerchtein (3p)

Winners should receive an email soon with instructions on how to receive their prizes.

Thanks everybody!

Overall, great job with continuing to make sure the leagues stay active. The Dan League didn't have much going on, but the DDK League certainly saw a boost in activity, didn't it? 😁

Now, we know that this is largely due to COVID-19. We know that not being able to go to local clubs isn't good, but we also know that we can still have our Go club online. So as lousy as it might be, at least we are still able to play and communicate with each other. Plus, the 13th Meijin League is already at a flying start; right now (May 11th), there's already nearly 70 games! I hope you guys are doing well, and staying safe.