Hi everyone!

Over the past couple of months OSR has been in hibernation, but as winter draws near we are seeing increasing activity on the Discord. As such, it has been a shame that the leagues have not been active and we would like to change that.

What's On

  • During December of 2021, we will be restarting the DDK, Dan and Monthly Leagues and handing out prizes at the end of each.
  • If things go well then we will restart the Meijin League in January of 2022.

Our main goal is to start the gears of OSR turning again. Prizes to be announced at a later date while we are sorting out the details.

Going forward into 2022

At the moment we will be focusing on keeping the leagues running, but it is likely that events will be what helps OSR to grow. Since admins have been stripped of time/energy in the past we'll just focus on the basics and making sure that tasks are more clearly delineated so that it is more clear who is doing what and so that it's not up to one person to be running all of OSR.

With this in mind, if you have any ideas of interesting events or would like to give a helping hand then make sure to post in #admin-request and #volunteers-welcome respectively.


Let's enjoy many games in December. See you all on discord and over the board!