Hello Everyone!

It seems that OSR has made a successful return last December with 133 games played across the monthly, ddk and dan leagues! 🎉 (82, 9 and 22 games respectively.) We are happy to see such strong interest in the community and we thank all of you for taking part. As always, this community is driven by engagement so the more games you all play, the healthier and stronger OSR becomes.

It was especially interesting to see how much was going on in the dan league. Before OSR went into hibernation there were very few dan players taking part, which means that seeing so many now means that this is the best time for everyone to take part to become stronger! 💪

League Winners

The League winners for December are as follows:

  • Monthly League:
    • Silkroad: 26 games w/ 37 points
    • rav3n: 21 games w/ 30.5 points
  • Dan League:
    • rav3n: 13 games w/ 18.5 points
  • DDK League:
    • HES: 6 games w/ 6 points

Congratulations to all the winners, they will receive a 5€ Voucher for Guo Juan's Internet Go School. The emails containing the vouchers will be sent out shortly.

OSR Update


Unfortunately, while OSR was in hibernation some of the teachers who would give teaching games for prizes have moved on and a lot of funding has dried up. We are working to think of new and interesting prizes to help keep the league competitive and active. We will update you all on it when it happens so watch this space.

New Leagues!

Since there was such strong interest for OSR this month, we have decided that we will continue the Meijin league as well as introducing the SDK league! The SDK league has been been an often asked feature so we are happy to be starting that up.

Happy New Year! 🎉

Thank you again to everyone who took part. Let's help each other in our go-journeys so that we can all reach our goals in 2022.

We look forward to seeing you all again over the board and on discord!

Guo Juan's Internet Go School