Hello, apologies for the delay this month...

We managed to end the first quarter of the year while keeping OSR afloat and with the first Meijin league which has reached its end since OSR went into hibernation. Let's take a look at the results:

League Winners

  • Monthly League:
    • HES: 25 games w/ 21.5 points
  • Dan League:
    • Silkroad: 3 games w/ 3.5 points
  • SDK League:
    • HES: 23 games w/ 18.5 points
  • DDK League:
    • Shaku91: 6 games w/ 7 points
  • Meijin League:
    • Silkroad: 35 games w/ 50.5 points

Congratulations to Silkroad for becoming the new OSR Meijin, his role in Discord is going to be updated shortly! He will also have an opportunity to have a teaching game against a stronger player, the details for this will need to be worked out, so we'll be in touch with him.

Honourable mention goes to HES, who played a whopping 52 games during the 18th Meijin! I'm sure he's making some good progress in improving!

Congratulations to all the winners, they will receive a 5€ Voucher for Guo Juan's Internet Go School. The emails containing the vouchers will be sent out shortly.

Otherwise, we are looking forward to the next month of games and the 19th Meijin round!