The Breakthrough to Shodan Tournament has begun!!!

Check out our #breakthrough_to_shodan, #bts_games and #bts_announcment channles to keep track of it!!!

Here you can find the Tournament rules in deatil:


Any go player with a Discord and an OGS account ranking between 4k and 1d may play in the tournament, provided that they are willing and able to coordinate with their assigned opponent(s) to complete all of their scheduled games.


2.1 The tournament starts at 10 am PT/ 7 pm CEST 3 September 2022. Players should check in prior to this time by confirming to the tournament staff that they will be participating. The games of the first round have to be played before 10 am PT/ 7 pm CEST 10 September 2022; the games of the second round have to be played before 10 am PT/ 7pm CEST 17 September 2022; the semi-finals will take place 9 am PT/ 6pm CEST 17 September 2022; the finals will take place half an hour after the last semi finals game has ended on 17 September 2022.

2.2 Players shall notify the BtS team of the date and time of their scheduled game.

Rules for playing a match in this tournament:

3.1 Under the BtS rules, a "match" is a meeting of players according to the tournament bracket playing a game of go, resulting in one player winning, one player losing.
3.2. Gameplay shall take place on, or a compatible mobile app.
3.2. Games are played under the following OGS settings:
Japanese rules
6.5 komi
Automatic color assignment
Analysis disabled
30 minutes maintime and 5x30 byoyomi
Both players should check before beginning the game that these conditions are met! If these conditions are not met the BTS team will arbitrate about the validity of the game result.

3.3. A link to the game shall be posted in the #bts_games channel before the beginning of the match.
3.4.1. The players shall notify the BtS team when their game has ended.
3.4.2. In the spirit of OSR we encourage mutual teaching and learning by jointly reviewing the games immediately after they are finished, if you do so please link it in #bts_games.
3.5. Discussion of the tournament, questions to the BtS team or the OSR admins, and match announcements should take place in the #breakthrough_to_shodan channel on the OSR Discord server.
3.6. Tournament results shall be tracked via the Challonge Breakthrough to Shodan page.
3.7.1. If a game is interrupted such as by network disconnection, power loss, hardware or software failure, or another emergency preventing one or both players from continuing the game, the players should try, when able, to resume the game from the point of interruption.
3.7.2. The players shall consult the Tournament Direction for instructions, if the players cannot agree on a way to proceed.
3.8. If the players cannot agree on the result of the game, or otherwise do not know how to proceed under these rules, then the players shall consult the Tournament Direction for further instructions.
3.10. The use of tools or means to alter the players ability while playing in an BtS match as for example, but not exclusively, the use of AI, books, joseki encyclopedias, advice by other players on how to proceed in the game, will lead to an exclusion of the BTS tournament! Please refer to the OSR Fair play policy for more details.

4.1. BtS is a 16 player Single Elimination tournament, meaning that after losing players are immediately eliminated.
4.2. Winners move on to the next round.
4.3. In the first round players are seeded by rank, with the highest ranking player facing the lowest ranking player, the 2nd highest ranking player the 2nd lowest, and so on, until all players are seeded.
4.3. If the player number of 16 is not met the highest ranking player/s will get automatically advanced to the second round.
4.4. The losing players of the semi-finals will play a match for the fourth and third places.
4.5. If one or both players fail to be available to play a scheduled match within a reasonable number of days from its announcement, then the Tournament Direction may, at their discretion, award the victory to an active player whose opponent is inactive and possibly eject inactive players from the tournament.
4.6. If a winner of a match has to drop out of the tournament their most recently defeated opponent will be invited to take their place.


5.1. The Tournament Direction is exercised by the OSR admin team, which is responsible for the overall running of the tournament, answering player questions, interpreting and enforcing the rules, and arbitrating disputes. The Tournament Direction has the final say in all matters.
5.2. The Tournament Registrar is @Aumpa, who assists the Tournament Direction with administrative matters such as player registration, preparing official documentation, making announcements, entering match results, and answering player questions.
5.3. Any member of the OSR admin team and/or the BtS team participating as a player in the tournament will not participate in arbitration or rule enforcement. .

6.1. Friends made along the way
6.2. Game reviews and lessons learned
6.3.. The. enjoyment of the games themselves

and last but not least…

6.4. Ranking. up!!! (maybe)