Hey Players,

The OSR October leagues have finished, congrats to the winners

  • Itarios,
  • Captain Crochet
  • Blee.Dublin and
  • Fledermaus

for the prizes of a teaching game with GoDave, go books and go school vouchers!!!

The OSR November leagues are open by now, and we've found an awesome new sponsor in GoMagic, to spice up your games and sweeten your wins!

For this month there are up for prizes:

  • A teaching game with GoDave EGF 4d,
  • A teaching game for DDKs with the Baduk Scholar AGA 1k,
  • Vouchers for the awesome go/baduk/weiqi bundles, lectures and learning tools of GoMagic
  • Books like Fuseki Revolution by the newly crowned Meijin Shibano Toramaru from GoBooks.com
  • Vouchers for Guo Juan's (Chinese 5p!!) Internet Go School

Many thanks to our friends, sponsors and partners who make this possible!!!