Dear Baduk-Buckeroos, Igo-Gauchos and Weiqi-Wranglers,

The OpenStudyRoom's Dan Challenge has come to it's conclusion, and the weighted RNG-Gods have spoken:

The winner for the teaching game with Eunkyo Do 1p is our baduk-buccaneer Capitaine Crochet, aka Frgo OGS 4dan!!!!

Eunkyo Do

The game will be played on OGS this Saturday, January 28, 2023, 14:00 GMT, and will be streamed live by Eunkyo Do 1p herself on her twitch channel.

This event will be Eunkyo Do's very first live stream, so bring your most charming emotes, power-up your kibitz, and let's show up in hordes to welcome her in our awesome baduk/igo/weiqi twitch community!!!

Also, if you haven't checked it out yet: Eunkyo Do 1P has her own YouTube channel, where she recently reached the 1k subscribers, with content for players of all levels, from Baduk-Rookies to confirmed Weiqi-Wizards! 100% worth spending time with her videos, to explore the latest in joseki development, master invasion techniques, or to dabble in the wild world of trick moves (and their refutations)!

Looking forward to see y'all!!!