Let's celebrate OSR reaching 1000 members!

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Here are the results for this tournament.

ps: Bugcat didn't show up for tournament, so Kamelotusky took his place in 2nd, and further rounds.

So, the strongest of the tournament are:

  • strongest dan player: Bonesaw
  • strongest sdk player: flapse10
  • strongest ddk player: J4NU5

1k Celebration Tournament

It was a foggy evening in February 2019 when the 1000th member entered the Open Study Room to deepen their knowledge of Go. To celebrate this milestone, we are organizing a series of events taking place during March.

This is the tournament to prove to yourself how much you have progressed during your time in OSR, but also to have fun playing each other in a format not so typical to OSR, fast games.

How to register :

Pre-registration Send a message to Kamelotusky or korni by Discord saying that your willing to participate. Don't forget to give your current rank and your exact OSR username. Doing so ahead of the tournament will allow us to have an idea of the quantity of competitors.

Check-in Be sure to message Kamelotusky on Discord between 14:30 and 14:55 (GMT) to confirm your participation. Message must include exact OSR username and your approximate rank.

The check-in is mandatory whether you pre-registered or not.

Format of the tournament:

The tournament will be with swiss system and dan, sdk and ddk players will play together.


Saturday 9th of March (GMT time):

  • 14:30 : Beginning of the check in
  • 15:00 : Round 1
  • 16:00 : Round 2
  • 17:00 : Round 3
  • 18:00 : Round 4 / End of tournament

We will also have the support ofh the streamer Reebaanee for this tournament, who will talk about our games, will show some variations, etc., so go and share comments with her in her twitch account https://www.twitch.tv/reebaanee