Open Study Room's first lagged live 9x9 tournament.

Please use the #tournament channel and tag the @9x9 role on the Open Study Room Discord for tournament communications.

The McMahon system will be used to generate pairings based on initial rank estimates drawn from users' profile pages (OGS ranks in the first instance) and incorporating any adjustments that may be required to reflect their real strength. We aim to play one round a week. Each new round will start shortly after the previous round has finished, so if all participants are keen and play their matches promptly it could advance a bit quicker than one round a week.

Please agree a date and time to play with each of your opponents. Once this has been agreed, please add your fixture to the tournament calendar and / or share it on Discord so that other people can watch.

We suggest playing and reviewing several warm-up games before each tournament game, and agreeing with your opponent which one will count for the tournament before you play it.

There will be a calendar for the tournament and people will be encouraged to spectate, kibitz, and help review games. We encourage the use of for reviewing games.

These were the final standings at the end of round 4:

PlaceNameLevelScoreRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4PointsScoreXSOSSOSOS
1GoDave892 Dan39--2+3+238145580
2Antimon1 Kyu375+3+1-6+337145561
3ohyou2 Dan364-2-6-1-036147566
4Omicron1 Dan373+5---136142562
5S_Alexander2 Kyu362-4+7+8+336135538
6Seriiu4 Kyu347+8+3+2-334134543
7og1L6 Kyu316-10+5-12+231124474
8MrMemeMan7 Kyu309+6-11+5-230127484
9Kasandara8 Kyu308-11+10+13+330107443
10alemitrani9 Kyu2811+7-9-14+228110435
11kj01a9 Kyu2710-9-8-15+127108441
12flovo12 Kyu2614+13+15+7-32695415
13AdamReal15 Kyu2215+12-14+9-22298395
14korni13 Kyu2212-15-13-10-02296400
15inside_voice16 Kyu2013-14+12-11-12097397