Hello everyone !

Here is an attempt to build an online go community willing to play, study, teach go all together in a friendly environment.

It's a fresh start so many things have to be decide and will be discussed but here is what my experience tells:

A community

For this to work, we need to work as a community. I need feedbacks, ideas to know what you guys needs and wants. I'd rather have a small group of player really involve in studying/playing go and making this a great place than a bunch of player just playing for the prizes.

Soon I will need a team of helpers to welcome new players, help manage the league, populate this website with content and more. If you fancy doing so let me know.

You already have a forum working and waiting for you to speak your mind. Don't be shy.

A league

Playing long serious game with reviews by stronger players is very important to improve. On top of that we will add a thrill to motivate players with prizes for the winners.

So this place have a league system working. You can already register and start playing in the osr kgs room. The league design is one thing that will be decided very soon. Let see how many player we gather for now.


Teaching events answer three different purposes.

  • Learning: Who doesn't enjoy a live lecture by a pro teacher ?
  • Advertising: Announcing the event on various go media (/r/baduk, L19) will help people to know about us and hopefully bring us more motivated and talented go players.
  • Collecting teaching material: such event can be recorder and I am working on a way to store/browse such content easily.

I am currently reviving some contacts with teacher to set up some inauguration events. Stay tuned.