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2020 - 2022 finances summary

Hello guys!

Boring yet important things to talk about today: money.

How do we work?

Before we dig into tables and numbers, allow me first to remind how OSR project handle money. As stated in our FAQ, all OSR activities are and will always be 100% free for anyone to participate. That point is very important in the heart and spirit of OSR and all its team members since …

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Eunkyo Do (1p) teaching in the OSR!

Dear Baduk-Baronesses, Weiqi-Wonders and Go-Lords, dear OSR members,

We are extraordinarily delighted to announce a new partnership with Eunkyo Do 1dan professional from South Korea!

Eunkyo Do recently started uploading teaching videos to her youtube channel and plans to start streaming go teaching content soon.

Very kindly, she agreed to partner with the OSR and teach its members ...

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OSR is still alive but hibernate

Hello all,

Long time without a post. Let's see why.

For some time, the OSR team lacks time and motivation to set things up at OSR. Throught OSR history we learn that setting up teaching, events and animating the discord always have been a way to keep the community active. I think the last volunteers who joined found it hard to rock a project that was slowly stopping it's dynamic. …

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