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Jeff lecture about Joseki followups this saturday

Hi guys,

The poll to choose next Jeff (EGF 6d) lecture topic ended with a tie between Joseki followups and Shape.

When asked about this situation, Jeff said he will study joseki followups but will add some shape part into it. This way everyone will be happy :)

We are looking forward to hear that on Saturday 07 of October at 17:00 GMT!

In the meantime you can review past ...

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New Month - New league - Prizes

Hello OSR !

New Elite league

Before our traditional monthly winners and prizes announcement I would like to introduce this very new OSR league: OSR elite

It's a small league for strong players (3d+) motivated to play and study to improve their skills. We are happy that OSR can help any go player to organise and set up leagues. On top of that we will have the chance to enjoy ...

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Explore Baduk Community: Study with Sinan Djepov (EGF 5d) !

Good news everyone !

Our beloved teacher Sinan Djepov (EGF 5d) has started a community where you can study, play in leagues and learn with him for a very reasonable price.

He will review every games played, play a simul with you everyweek, offer weekly questions/answer time and tsumego/exercices for only 20€ per month.

If you are interested in improving your go skills, check out Explore Baduk Community.

We ...

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