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Goban Royale : First OSR cup

Friends of the OSR, you want to show that you are the best? Dominating your league isn't enough anymore?

On the 27th of May you will be able to play in the very first OSR Cup!

The main goal of this competition is to provide a different environment to play games than our classic league. It will also feature shorter games, to allow everyone to play 4 to 6 ...

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Twitch Plays go tomorrow


Hello everyone!

I think most of you already knows about that, but better late than never:

Tomorrow, Twitch teams up with the team of the movie the surrounding game to organise the biggest introduction to go in history!

Amongst other goodies, you ll be able to enjoy:

  • a screening of the surrounding game with questions/answers from the producers team
  • live commented game of a semi final of Creators Invitational ...
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