Hi guys,

What a start !

Yesterday, when I started OSR publicly, I was just checking if such a project would gather attention and interest. I thought I would get something like 10 players in a couple of day to start beta-testing the website. 

Guess what? In less than  24 hours we got 30 players and 2 games played already !

While I am positivly thrilled by your enthousiasme I have to praise your patienty as I didn't planed such a rush. 

As a result, I will be quite afk until tomorow where I will have more time.

So much to do.

I am very well aware that this website is still under construction so you might experience strange behavior (no domain name, dead links, email not sent,...). Please remember I am not a coder nor a webdesigner and I am very happy gathering ideas/help to make this place better.

While I am working on some urgent things only me can do now, I won't be able to do everything.

 Here is my hightest todo list:

  • Recruit
  • Configure our domain name.
  • Fix somes minor bugs in our league/app.
  • Configure automatic mailsending by our website.
  • upload the website code to github to motivated python coders helping.

OSR needs you:

In the meantime there are some things I already need help with:

  • Populate this website :write a faq, extend league rules with some misings.
  • Decide our league structure:  For now I made one big division, but maybe more is better ?
  • Administrate the league: welcome new player, deal with wrong sgf.
  • Moderate/manage the forum: I am not sure the way I organised it is best.

I have to insist here: I can't do everything and I don't want to.

This new place can work only if we have a live motivated community.

If you want to help in anyway, please let me know.

ps: I made a poll to vote for the number of games to play between 2 players.