Hi !

OSR is proud to count 52 members after only one week.

Thank you guys for your enthusiasm.

We even had 2 users that volunteer to help me running the league : Rincewind and loose2learn.

Thanks both of them for joining this journey building a great place for you !

I remind you that we are very open to any kind of help, ideas, critics, feedback, cookies or beers. Feel free to use our forums or contact an admin on kgs.

KGS archives issue:

In the meantime, kgs made a server update last monday. Since then,  the kgs archives page are down (exemple).

Since our automatic game finder works with those archives,  our system can't get your games until kgs fix their archive pages.

This obviously has to happen just 2 days after I start OSR :(

I am really sorry for this situation. Please understand we are not responsible for this and we can't do anything to fix it.

Solution: upload your games here

I just finished setting up a way for our beloved admins to upload your games manually.

So if you played a game and it's not in the result page, please upload it to this forum post.

Thanks for your comprehension.

Coming next: Events and prizes

While we see February as a setting-up/beta-test time for OSR, we are planing a real start for March.

To celebrate this, we are working setting up teaching events for you to enjoy (and to help advertising the room).

The 3 top winners of this February month will win prizes (lecture at Guo Juan's internet go school, and teaching game with a strong dan)

We are discussing our league structure in our forums: share your thought !

Website improvements: Python coders wanted

After setting up a domain name and configuring mails system, I uploaded the website code to a github and wrote a "how to deploy the website locally in 5 mins".

For those who doesn't understand, that means anyone is free to read our code, test it in his computer, use it, suggest changes. I hope that will help some python skilled people to join the project.

I also made some changes to the website. Some you can see (recent forum topics in sidebar, profile pages, players list, league archive page...) some you can't ( admins features like upload games).

Please let me know what you think about it. If there is something you don't like, I can probably change it.

I really think this website needs better documentation ( how to use our league, how to register, welcome page that guide newcomers, write betters confirmation emails...).

If you think you can help doing so, let us know !