OSR Team is growing !

We are very happy to welcome EdwinSelan in OSR team. He helped us set up the Discord channel !

Having community members getting involve in OSR is always greatly welcome.

Discord Channel.

We just setted up a discord server for OSR.

Discord is a voice/text chat server, which will help us communicate in a simple way. Here, you can easily talk through chat or voice communication with the OSR team or OSR members. Not only that, but discord is free and easy to use (discord can be used with any browser, or you can install the app here )

That will allow us to do some voice review easily for instance .

Link to the server is in the forum under the Community category.

Please keep this link's url private to prevent spam/trolls in our chatroom.

Only OSR members can see it.

Verify your email

I just finished adding tools so you can change your password and manage your emails addresses. You can find it in your profile page at the right of the navbar under Manage.

Since we care about security, we would like you to verify your account's email. There is a button to resend an email verification.

Very soon, having a verified email address will be mandatory to log in the website. User will be sent email verification automatically at this point.

Thanks you all for your engagement in OSR !