Good news everyone : OSR comes to the Online Go Server.

It means the league players can now choose to play their games either on KGS or on OGS.

You guys can choose where you want to play your games from now on.

Feel free to join our group on OGS.

For the OSR member who already have set their OGS username, they need to update their profile once for OGS to work.

We are going to set up events on OGS to celebrate this and we already recruited some OGS users to help us there.

Some users from OGS already registered here and other might come soon. I wish them a warm welcome. More motivated players to study and play with is great news !

Let's keep making OSR a place for everyone to study and play together !

I want to address a huge thanks to the team of OGS as they have been very welcoming and very helpful to help me support their API.

Quite a big website update happen yesterday and I have been fixing small remaining bugs until then. If you notice anything odd on the website, or your game not showing, please contact me (climu)