Good news everyone!

Sinan Djepov just shared his thoughts on an OSR dan league game.

You can find that in his blog.

For those who don't know Sinan, he is an EGF 5D player who was the EYGC 2018 Champion U20 and also used to help OSR with some teaching in the past.

He recently released a new blog about go where, among other interesting go content, he decided to analyse some OSR games.

To quote him:

Below is the first lesson of a series of different topics on games played in OSR Leagues. Whole game will not be analyzed, but only the most significant lesson which I think the game contains. [...]
The lesson is about which stones on the board are really important and how to build successful strategy based on this.

We hope you find this content interesting and send Sinan a huge thanks for sharing his knowledge.