Hello Gobaneros!

Despite the extra cold winter and the extra hot summer some of you are currently experiencing, you have been actively playing league games and are surely waiting for the overdue results of the January leagues. This month saw a lot of activity including a new 9x9 league, the launch of a new external community run by the Chilean Go Federation, and many new members bringing the total OSR membership to over 1000!

January was the first month for our new 9x9 league, which had a good start with 12 games played by 16 players. Unsurprisingly this league was won by 9x9 enthusiast alemitrani.

The DDK league saw a further rise in activity during January with a total of 35 games played by 31 players - which is a record for the DDK league! MCSH won this month’s league and earned a teaching game with Jean-François Gagnier aka. BoneSaw (CGA 4d). The runner up was AdamReal who won a voucher for Guo Juan’s Internet Go School.

The Dan league also saw increased activity in January. With 4 games GoDave89 was both the most active and most successful player winning a teaching game with Norman Tsai (AGA 6d).

After a few slower months the OSR league also became much more active again in January. With 88 games and 89 players it was well above last year’s average. Playing a total of 21 games in the OSR league MCSH secured first place, winning a game review by Justin Teng (AGA 6d). The runner up was GoDave89 who won a voucher for Guo Juan’s Internet Go School.

And finally it is time to have a look at the 7th Meijin league which ran from November until end of January. No less than 136 players played 262 games in a valiant effort to dethrone the current Meijin. Alas, it was all for naught, and the reign of GoDave89 continues. He keeps the crown for another 3 months and won a teaching game with Alexandre Dinerchtein (3p).

As usual, all winners will receive an email with details on how to claim their prizes.

We hope you all enjoyed the catch-up and are continuing to play and learn here at the Open Study Room. The February leagues are already in progress with a good level of activity and some new challengers.

We thank you all very much for participating and we thank all our sponsors, partners and teachers for their continued support!