As we have reached 1000 members, we have been talking about making a party out of it. And what a better way to kick it off than having a lecture on a topic chosen by our community!

The party plans are still underway, but as part of our preparations, we need to chose a topic for the lecture which will take place on [gmt]2019/03/03 18:30[/gmt].

The lecture will be led by Su Yang aka Jeff and the topic is going to be your choice. Please head to our forums to vote for your prefered topics or suggest a new one! (link to be added)

For those who don't know him, Jeff is an experienced go teacher ranked EGF 6 dan. You can find more information about him on his OSR page or watch his previous OSR lectures in this YouTube playlist.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy what promises to be another very interesting lecture and even more, a crazy party spreading over the better parts of March!