Hello guys!

No crazy teaching or awesome event to announce today I am afraid. It appears the OSR team is lacking manpower these days - and it shows! Before we explain the situation, allow us to summarize what has been done so far:

After 2 years and a half crazy things have been achieved!

  • More than 1100 registered users played around 2700 long serious games.
  • We were able to set up over 100 teaching events.
  • We organised 4 real time tournaments.
  • 30 videos of Go teaching were made available for everyone to enjoy.

All this was possible thanks to the work, energy and dedication of a crazy team giving their time for the worldwide Go community while asking nothing in return. Let's not forget the people who gave money so we were able to cover teaching and server costs. Finally we received lots of help in the coding area from various people. We are humbled and thankful for everyone who helped OSR come to this point: !cho_hug

However - since some time we are losing team members due to real life commitments and the rest of us are struggling to find time and energy to cover the regular tasks: Rewarding winners with prizes, writing monthly blog posts, welcoming new users and being active on the different Go-related sites and on Discord to keep the community together.

At the same time our Patreon income went from around USD 30 to USD 2 which will soon mean that we have limited options to set up events and teaching games with strong teachers who we pay using these funds.

Currently we have a lively community of Go players who play and study, we still have some money in the jar to set up events, we have a website that can handle leagues, calendar, forum, blog... but we lack people to make use of all those options.

If I were not clear enough: We really need your help!

If you find yourself having time and energy, if you have some great idea to improve OSR or to increase the activity of its users: Please let us know! We are looking of every kind of help we can get - be it new team members, one-time helpers for some event, people who can create promotional material or even just people who are actively participating at the Open Study Room and its leagues.

You can contact us here in the forums, on Discord, on our KGS-room or the OSR-chat on OGS.

Thank you!