Hello Go friends!

Time for the September summary, results and prizes should we?

A total of 37 games were played this September in all leagues. That is the exact same amount as in August and is still quite low.

OSR team is aware of the late ack of activity and, after our cry for help post, we managed to enrol Sammy and Adam into OSR team. We are both thanks full for their will and energy to help OSR and hope to shake things a bit with this new blood!

League Results

alemitrani ruled the Monthly league with a total of 17 games and a win/total ratio of 9/17. This is half the league games played in the month! He managed to surpass two strong dan player, GoDave89 and Brisbaner.

The DDK League showed less activity as 14 players only played 4 games. rsk won it with a 2/3 results.

The Dan League showed some good fight and was won by Brisbaner who managed to defeat our beloved multi Meijin GoDave89 . Big up to HelcioAlex for the best activity in the league!

League Players Games 1st 2nd 3rd
Monthly league 34 28 Alemitrani (9/17) Godave89 (6/7) Brisbaner (4/4)
DDK league 14 4 rsk (2/3) 2bellr (1/3) Dactorwatson (1/1)
Dan league 4 5 Brisbaner (3/3) Godave89 (2/3) HelcioAlex (0/4)


Congratulation to all winners!

Allow me to thanks all our teachers, sponsors, friends, partners, patreons and donators for allowing us to reward winners with cool teaching.

Place Player Prize
Monthly league 1st place Alemitrani Teaching game with Norman Tsai (AGA 6d)
Monthly league 2nd place Godave89 10 € at Guo Juan's Internet Go School
DDK league 1st place rsk 10 € at Guo Juan's Internet Go School
Dan league 1st Place Brisbaner Game review with Justin Teng (AGA 6d)
Guo Juan's Internet Go School